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Sunflower C2C Crochet pattern-FREE

Hello my yarnies, 

As most of you know I love to participate in the C2C Crochet Blankets FREE CALs. As a part of Harvest Blanket C2C Cal of E’Claire Makery I designed two C2C crochet blocks, of which one is Sunflowers. In this blog post I will share with you the C2C crochet graph for the Sunflowers C2C Crochet Pattern. 

Harvest Blanket C2C Crochet pattern-2.jpg
Harvest Blanket C2C Crochet pattern.jpg
If you would like to purchase the Harvest Blanket full pattern you can do so via this LINK.

Sunflowers Square in C2C technique which can be used as a standalone pattern or as a part of one.

If used as a standalone crochet pattern it can be made into a pillow, tote bag, table runner or anything you want.
If used in addition to another 19 squares as in the full crochet pattern (link above) a beautiful single/double person blanket can be made as in the Harvest Blanket CAL 2022, for which it was originally designed.

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If you would like to purchase Sunflower C2C crochet pattern with Graph and Written Instructions via Ravelry click HERE.

Sunflowers 1.jpgSunflower C2C Crochet Pattern 

Yarn- Any yarn #4 weight in 6 colors (yellow, orange, brown, green, dark green and white). Look below in the introduction for guidance on what yardage is needed. I used Drops Paris, 100% cotton, Aran (8wpi) for 5mm hook (US 8), 50g=75m (82 yards)

Gauge- 6.5 blocks x 6.5 blocks=4×4” (10×10 cm) if hdc stitches were used. End size of the square is 41×41 cm (16×16inches).

Hook- 5mm
Needle for weaving in the ends


The stitch includes half double crochet (in US terms), chains, and slip stitches. As it is in multiple colors, color changes will also need to happen. Each C2C block is made out of ch2 and 3 hdc stitches. If you are doing this square as a part of the Community Garden CAL then use hdc but you can also use dc. The size by hdc will be about 16’’ square if the gauge I had with the yarn I used is achieved with same or any other yarn. With dc stich it will be even bigger (by my guess about 21-22 inches).

White color=308 blocks= 84g= 136yards =a bit under two skeins
Orange color= 134 blocks= 36g= 59 yards= slightly more than 1/2 of a skein
Yellow color= 85 blocks= 23g= 38 yards= 1/2 of a skein
Dark green color= 50 blocks= 14g= 22 yards= 1/3 of a skein
Brown color=32 blocks= 9g=14 yards= 1/5 of a skein
Green color= 16 blocks= 5g= 7 yards= 1/10 of a skein

Sunflowers - Square.jpgIf you would like to see more patterns like this please SUBSCRIBE to my Newsletter.

If you would like to purchase Sunflower C2C crochet pattern with Graph and Written Instructions via Ravelry click HERE.

In case you need help with pattern do not hesitate to contact me!

COPYRIGHT: This pattern may be printed for the personal use only.
You MAY NOT in any form reproduce or distribute this pattern in part or in whole through any venue, electronic, mechanical or otherwise without the written authorization of the publisher. Also, any use of my photos is not permitted.

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