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 In my blogs I will focus on how to use crochet to create stuff that will make life easier or prettier... Read up as you might find some of them useful as well. Some designs will be for free and some designs will have a price... It all depends on the effort it went into making/researching/designing it.

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Crochet Books Review Collection- 500 Crochet Stitches by St. Martin’s Griffin

Crochet Books Review Collection- 500 Crochet Stitches by St. Martin’s Griffin

500 stitches book.jpeg

In my quest for new crochet resources, I’ve recently delved into the vast world of crochet books, seeking those that focus on stitches and techniques rather than just patterns. Finding valuable reviews proved challenging, prompting me to share insights on books I deem essential. [Read More…]

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Flower Granny Blanket -FREE CROCHET PATTERN

Flower Granny Blanket -Free Granny Crochet Pattern
Flower Granny Blanket.jpg
It has been a baby season in my circle of friends and I wanted to try out something I haven’t done before. I got inspired by the crochet granny square patterns that have been gaining popularity again, so I decided that I will be making some ‘granny like’ blankets but with a twist. 
For this particular crochet blanket pattern I went with the graphic that I wanted to have a theme of spring colors and flowers. Below you will find all you need to know wrt yarn, gauge, stitches used, pattern instructions, border, etc. [Read More…]

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Sunflower C2C Crochet pattern-FREE

Hello my yarnies, 

As most of you know I love to participate in the C2C Crochet Blankets FREE CALs. As a part of Harvest Blanket C2C Cal of E’Claire Makery I designed two C2C crochet blocks, of which one is Sunflowers. In this blog post I will share with you the C2C crochet graph for the Sunflowers C2C Crochet Pattern. 

Harvest Blanket C2C Crochet pattern-2.jpg
Harvest Blanket C2C Crochet pattern.jpg
If you would like to purchase the Harvest Blanket full pattern you can do so via this LINK. [Read More…]

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10 Amazing Snowman Crochet Patterns Round up

Snowman round up.jpg10 Amazing Snowman Crochet Patterns

I am a big fan of Christmas and all the figures that symbolize it. But the one I liked making the most every winter was Snowman! I designed a pattern that would combine my two loves, Snowman and crochet. [Read More…]

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Bobbly Fun Headband - FREE CROCHET PATTERN

Bobbly Fun Headband- FREE CROCHET PATTERNBobbly Fun Headband 1.jpeg
Recently I just finished a few designs that took a lot of my time and I needed a break. Not from designing or crochet but from big designs. So I thought of doing something quick and fun and had to think of what that could be. [Read More…]

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