Creativity is daydreaming the reality away!  

About me

For a long time this website was just an idea in a chaotic head of a chemist who was always busy with something else until the desire to have it up and running overwhelmed everything else... So here I am... 

I am  Nensi, which is a nickname I got from my sister when we were little and decided to use as my creative self online name. So you can find me in almost all media under Made by Nensi. I am by day a chemist/mama of a little baby girl/doggie mama of two beautiful doggies/passionate dog rescuer and by evening/night/weekend I am a crocheter or by a term known in the crochet community as a hooker, which gives me opportunity to not only create by other people's design but to design my own pieces as well... We have a home in beautiful Netherlands but we have a dream of living in France and we will never give it up!

This website was envisioned as an outlet to my desire to crochet items which make life easier as well as prettier. 

While I am making items per order I also use some time to make my own designs which can be found on this website. Feel free to ask me for a quote or anything about my own designs too!