Creativity is daydreaming the reality away!  


 In my blogs I will focus on how to use crochet to create stuff that will make life easier or prettier... Read up as you might find some of them useful as well. Some designs will be for free and some designs will have a price... It all depends on the effort it went into making/researching/designing it.

Please check the list of the blog entries as the titles of each entry will more or less hint what it is about...

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Where am I now

Since the time described in the first blog entry, I focused on carrier and making life in another country and less on crochet. When my husband and I moved into an new house I immediately picked a room I wanted to use for my yarn and a corner I can imagine myself crocheting in. My husband took all I said in a stride as he still couldn’t imagine what I was dreaming about… But soon he learned! Now I have a room full of yarn (one day will post photos, once I’m done making some sense out of it all)…

I rarely buy yarn in stores (actual or online)  unless I really need it for a project or I have found a really good deal. Here in the Netherlands this hobby is quite popular, so a lot of women sell yarn online that is either a stash reduction, left over, stopping with hobby, change of mind on the choice of yarn, so I take that opportunity and buy. I get it with quite of a discount (anything between 50-80%) but I buy the ones I want with the ones I don’t even know I want. I have a real difficulty, as probably 90% of crocheters have, to get rid of any yarn… So my husband is used to me getting a package twice a month, on average, from random strangers and just sorting it out in bliss in the top room.

While I was pregnant a year ago I really went crazy with making stuff. I always had Pinterest but haven’t really used it until I got pregnant, mostly I got ideas and design from books and magazines which I bought any time I saw one… But once I discovered the magic of Pinterest I was SOLD on it. Now I have quite a large assortment of pins 90% devoted to crochet, quite nicely sorted. My dream is to check every one of them to see which ones are good and which ones just an empty bait and sort them out even better. My Pinterest name is MadeByNensi so please do check out if you like what I have set aside as interesting pins.

I also have Instagram account which might have led you to this blog with the same name as my website. There I post my work and share work of others as I believe when we see something worth sharing we should do it as a sign of support to our fellow crafters as we all could use exposure and love!
Where are you know in your life? What are your dreams when it comes to crochet? How do you score yarn?

What I make and research are things that I would like to own myself as well as give as gifts. Usually when I see something I want to gift I immediately see to whom I would gift it to… Which gives me a good motivation to start as well as complete it… 😊
What I would like to keep for myself ranges from functional to just plain ol’ pretty. But I try to stick to functional as making pretty things usually starts well but then I get distracted by what I could use vs what I would like to have… And some of those ‘pretty to have’ are still on the shelf to be finished…

In the coming posts I would try to stick to functional and pretty at the same time for you, for your home, for your children and maybe even for your husband or a pet… who knows! I have plenty ideas going through my head, now to just find time to not only write about it but try it out myself and then either make a video, photos, links or whatever is needed for you! To see who of you shares my interests and wants to be a part of this community! Woohooo, so excited to start this journey! Can’t you tell by all of the exclamation signs… 😊
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Which niche of crochet gets you most excited? Where would you like to go with it? How many WIPs do you have at any moment in time? 

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