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Watermelon -FREE C2C Pattern

CAL Watermelon foto.jpg
Watermelon FREE C2C Chart Pattern


If used as a standalone pattern it can be made into a pillow, tote bag, table runner or anything you want. All you have to do is either make 2 or more same squares or make a square in same size to be the background of the pillow or tote bag.
The stitch includes half double crochet (in US terms), chains, and slip stitches.
For Community Garden CAL I used hdc but you can also use dc. The size by hdc will be about 16’’ square if the gauge I had with the yarn I used is achieved with same or any other yarn. With dc stich it will be even bigger (by my guess about 21-22 inches).

Yarn- Any yarn #4 weight in 5 colors (white, red, black, light green, dark green). Look below in the introduction for guidance on what yardage is needed. I used Drops Paris, 100% cotton, Aran (8wpi) for 5mm hook (US 8), 50g=75m (82 yards)
Gauge- 6.5 blocks x 6.5 blocks=4×4” (10×10 cm) if hdc stitches were used. End size of the square is 41×41 cm.
Hook- 5mm
Needle for weaving in the ends
Watermelon 1.jpg
COPYRIGHT: This pattern is for personal use only.
You MAY NOT in any form reproduce or distribute this pattern in part or in whole through any venue, electronic, mechanical or otherwise without the written authorization of the publisher. Also, any use of my photos is not permitted.
If you are a maker you can sell the finished product for profit, as long as not mass produced. Please refer back to me as the pattern’s author with a link to my shop!

Yarn supply needed (based on yarn I used):
Black color=2.84m (3.08 yards)
Red color=25g=37.7m (less than one skein-about half)
Light green=23.5g=35m (less than one skein-about half)
Dark green= 39.5g= 59m (less than one skein)
White= 79g=118m (about 1.5 skein)

On the graph each block is one C2C block.
Watermelon for Allotment CAL C2C Chart.jpgIf you would like to have a full pattern as Ad free PDF with written instructions, chart and info on how to calculate how much of each yarn color you would need, you can have it for a very low price in my Ravelry or Etsy store.
Links below, click on the name of the shop to go to pattern.

Until next time yarnies!

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